Rare and Native Breed Sheep Wool & Fleece

At Millfields Rare Breeds we breed native and rare breed Hebridean, Southdown and Boreray Sheep, all of whom produce a uniquely soft but hard wearing fleece. The wool offers a gorgeous range of colours, is wonderful to spin and produces a lovely soft yarn. Craft Lovers adore the natural yarn which produces wonderful woolen products in a stunning range of natural colours. We are thrilled to have sent our fleeces all over the world incl. UK, Europe and USA, to countries including: Scotland, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Hawaii, Canada and New Zealand ... 
We already have orders for next year, so please get in touch asap to reserve some.

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All Hebridean Fleeces from 2020 are now sold, sorry.

Hebridean Fleece

Hebridean Fleeces for spinning, weaving & crafts. Available Washed or Raw. Shipping to UK, US and EU

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Hebridean X Southdown Fleeces

Hebridean X Southdown Fleeces

Single Hebridean x Southdown Fleece + UK p&p
2 x Hebridean x Southdown Fleece + UK p&p
2 x Hebridean x Southdown fleece + Euro P&P


Hebridean Fleece

Hebridean wool offers a stunning array  colours ranging from Black to Blonde with colouring including: black, dark brown, light brown, grey and blonde. 

Hebridean Fleece Available NOW..

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The Boreray Wool ranges from a creamy white to light / mid brown and produces an incredibly soft yarn.

Boreray Fleece

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Hebridean sheep are a minority breed having been rescued by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Thankfully, the quality of their wool is once again being appreciated and so their numbers are increasing. The Boreray breed are listed by the RBST as critically endangered, with only 300 breeding ewes remaining. Our Boreray flock are part of a growing conservation project.

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We also have hand spun yarns and home made wool products for sale, All products are hand spun and hand made from the fleeces of our own flock of Hebridean, Southdown and Boreray Sheep. 

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Millfields Rare Breeds Wool and Fleece from Hebridean and Boreray rare breed sheep Boray Sheep and Bantam chickens, producing rare breed lamb wool and hatching eggs.


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