Millfields Free Range Bantam Chickens

 Bantam Hens


Bantam Chickens are a small variety of poultry originating from Indonesia. European sailors came across these small native chickens and found them to be very useful for sea journeys due to their compact size and calm, friendly personality. It is this same friendly personality, which has resulted in Bantams becoming increasingly popular as pets, which are ideally suited to smaller gardens and backyards. They are extremely friendly and perfectly happy to be handled – with care and respect of course! They are also perfectly suited to the showing world due to their more varied and exotic colours and feather patterns.

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 Bantam Eggs

Millfields Rare Breeds

Bantam Eggs are delicious!, which, while only about half to two-thirds the size of a regular hen egg offer extremely rich yolks. Perfect for baking and they make the most wonderful omlettes, deliciously rich scrambled eggs and the perfect dieters dippy eggs are ready in exactly one minute from boiling! We produce Free Range Bantam Eggs for just £1.50 per dozen. We also offer Bantam Hatching Eggs, Point Of Lay Bantam Hens and Bantam Cockerels for sale. Our main breeds include Lemon Pekin Bantam (shown in the picture below) and Japanese Pekin Bantams (left). Our breeding season starts in mid May through to Sept. POL Bantam Hens available from the end September 2014

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