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Millfields Rare Breeds is based in Essex and specialises in Rare Breed Sheep. We breed rare breed Hebridean, Southdown and Boreray sheep for their Wool, Fleeces, Meat, Livestock and Conservation. We also breed Bantam Chickens for Free Range Eggs, Hatching Eggs and Point of Lay Hens.

We produce and sell Rare Breed Hebridean Lamb from our Hebridean Flock and are also committed to the conservation of the critically endangered breed of sheep - Boreray. Boreray Lambs are available each year to breeders in order to help save these animals from extinction. We support the work of Julie Suffolk from The Backforest Flock. Click here for details of boreray livestock available.


What makes our Lamb so special ?

Our Ewes are Hebridean....
and our Rams are Southdown.. 
  • Hebridean provides the beautiful rich flavour
  • Southdown provides the quantity and texture
  • Favoured by discerning chefs and butchers
  • A multi-award winning combination 

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Hebridean Sheep also produce fabulous multi-coloured fleeces...

Millfields Rare BreedsHebridean sheep produce a uniquely soft but hard wearing fleece, which is lovely to spin and produces wonderful yarn with a gorgeous mix of browns, black, grey and even cream colours. Our fleeces have travelled to spinners and crafts people across the world inc; Canada, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Switzerland, Finland and Guernsey to name but a few. Postage can be arranged throughout Europe and the rest of the world (although fleeces going to USA and Australian must be washed first to meet customs laws). We already have a list of pre-orders for next years fleece so please get in touch if you would like to reserve some!  Click here for details.

Rare Breed Fleeces NOW Available

Hand Spun Yarn and Woollen products for sale.

Read our story in Smallholders Magazine - Real Smallholders.

Millfields Produce:

  • Rare Breed Lamb from our Hebridean flock
  • Livestock for breeding and conservation of Boreray Sheep
  • Free Range Eggs from our Bantam Hens
  • Hatching Eggs and Point of Lay Bantam Hens 
  • Great Gift Ideas

rare breeds lamb poultry eggs essex



rare breeds lamb poultry eggs essex 


Millfields Rare Breeds Hebridean Sheep and Boreray rare breed Sheep, Bantam chickens, producing rare breed lamb,
wool, yarn, wool products, fleece, free range eggs and hatching eggs, Christmas Gifts, Birthday Presents.

rare breeds lamb poultry eggs essex