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Hebridean x Southdown Lamb

Maintaining all the flavour of the hebridean, but more of it and with an added sweetness from the Southdown! Favoured by discerning chefs and high quality food stores; Hebridean X Southdown lamb & hoggett is an exceptional and delicious meat which has won numerous Taste Awards!

Loved by discerning Chefs:

“Excellent!” says Marcus Wareing,
The Berkeley, London (2 Michelin stars)
“Fantastic…really really good!” says Chef Fabrice Uhryn,
Waterside Inn, Bray (3 Michelin stars)

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BBC Countryfile Visit from Adam Henson - Adams Farm - Feb 2011

BBC Countryfile Visit from Adam Henson - Adams Farm - Feb 2011
We were thrilled to welcome Adam Henson of Adams Farm - BBC Countryfile to our smallholding at the beginning of February to gain some valuable expert knowledge and advice from someone who has been around Rare Breeds since he was born. Adam's Dad, Joe Henson was of course the Founding Chairman of the RBST and so Adams love of Rare Breeds was inevitable.
It was a fantastic day and extremely good fun with Adam, his cameraman, producer and sound man and what a lovely bunch of guys!! Adam is as lovely and genuine as he appears on telly. His advice that day again boosted my coinfidence in caring for my animals correctly, it wasn't for the first time and it certainly won't be the last. The Adams Farm programs covering sheep care and especially lambing have been an invaluable workshop for smallholders like ourselves. Showing us just what to do, just when we need it!.

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33 Hebridean x Southdown Lambs for 2016

Growing Fast, Mums doing a fabulous job, especially Storm, one of our Hebby ewes who had TRIPLETS this year!! very rare for a Hebridean but she's coping brilliantly with all three lambs doing really well by following her clever feeding routine. Its so amazing to watch: She keeps one by her nose while the other two suckle, after a short time, she walks forward a few steps to create a space and pushes the one at her nose round to take its turn suckling... so smart!! Love my Hebridean girls! 


Hebridean and Boreray Fleece / Wool 
goes world wide!

We have been very excited to have received orders from the US and Europe this year for our fleeces. Rare breed wool is becoming very popular with spinners all over the world and we are so proud to have sent fleeces to countries including: America, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland.

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Early Fly Strike Warning - April 2011

rare breeds lamb poultry eggs essexI would like to let as many people as possible know about an early outbreak of fly strike. We breed Hebridean and Boreray sheep, which are normally more resistant to fly strike but have had two ewes affected due to the unusually warm weather. Fortunately we caught it early and all our sheep and lambs have now been cleaned, treated, dagged and sprayed but we’ll be keeping a close eye on them. I just wanted to make sure other breeders were aware of the problem starting so early this year so that they can check and treat their sheep early too if necessary.

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