Hebridean X Southdown Lamb Testimonials

We are very proud to share the Feedback from some of our customers.. 

wow the taste and flavour was really fantastic unlike supermarket meat.....

1) Nov 2017 - Had our first Hebridean x Southdown lamb from Millfields tonight, wow the taste and flavour was really fantastic unlike supermarket meat. Pre- order for a whole lamb next year please! Many thanks to you both. All the best Pete” 2) Jan 2018 - Really great tasting natural lamb, bred on grass locally without steroids and all the rest of ingredients that imported and factory farm stock are fed. So pleased I’ve just ordered another lamb. Room in the freezer being made... Peter Cole   |   Nov 2018  |   Colchester Essex

best you'll ever taste.......

Always fantastic lamb.....my freezer is full of it twice a year , but not for long .....mmmmm....best you'll ever taste.....Well done Andi and Clive. Jack Topping   |   Jan 2018  |   Colchester Essex

Outstanding meat.I have never tasted better...

Outstanding meat.I have never tasted better Nigel Barrington-Fuller   |   Jan 2018  |   Essex

Totally agree, best lamb I have ever tasted!...

Totally agree, best lamb I have ever tasted! We had your lamb New Years Day and it was awesome and I cooked it to perfection! Leg fed 6 easily and we gourged on it!! Paul Banyard   |   Jan 2018  |   Ipswich Suffolk

your lamb was stunning, so delicious...

Had a leg on Christmas day, it was stunning, so delicious!! Don't forget my other half please... Lorraine Joyce   |   Jan 2018  |   Colchester, Essex


Ancient Native breed Hebridean x Southdown Lamb delivered fresh and locally, either whole or jointed to Chefs, Restaurants, Pubs, Butchers and Food Halls and in boxed, jointed freezer packs to the public. 

We keep our flock of Hebridean ewes to a manageable size so that we can provide the best possible care to each and every animal. Unlike commercial breeders, the welfare and quality of life of our animals is far more important to us than commercial viability. While this means that our stock is limited... it ensures a superb product for our customers. We genuinely believe that providing the utmost care and a relaxed and stress free life contributes enormously to the beautifully tender and delicious lamb we produce. 

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rare selling Lamb and rare

Combining the rich depth of flavour from Hebridean with the sweetness and texture of Southdown... Hebridean x Southdown lamb is a truly exceptional and delicious meat!

" Outstanding Flavour and texture " say Top Chefs

Hebridean x Southdown Lamb - Combining the rich depth of flavour from Hebridean Lamb, with the added sweetness and texture of the Southdown. Loved by discerning chefs and high quality food stores; Hebridean X Southdown lamb & hoggett is an exceptional and delicious meat!

  • “Fantastic, Really Really Good!” says Chef Fabrice Uhryn, Waterside Inn, Bray (3 stars)
  • “Excellent!” says Marcus Wareing, The Berkeley, London (2 Michelin stars)
  • “Delicious!” says Sat Bains, Restaurant Sat Bains, Nottingham (2 Michelin stars)
  • "There's a depth of flavour, texture and colour in the Hebridean x Southdown lamb that you just don't find in modern commercial breeds." says Local Chef: Nick May - Alma Inn; 



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